Flowtrax | Pronk TechnologiesAs the owner of a small business I have to be very careful about what test equipment I spend money on. Several years ago I purchased 2 Pronk simulators and have had great results for many years without any issues. Once we tested the FlowTrax it appeared as a perfect fit for my business. As a small Biomed shop I travel to the pumps and don’t have the luxury of the pumps coming to me. It’s much smaller than all the other pump testers. Second It’s quick and easy to set up and the maintenance is almost nothing. One of my customers is a cancer treatment center with a lot of infusion pumps. That job used to take me about 4 hours, and now I can complete it in about one hour with the FlowTrax. With the time savings the FlowTrax we have paid for itself in very short order. What another great product from Pronk! Keep it up!!

– John Alvenus, CBET Founder & CEO BioMed Techs, President of Florida Biomedical Society

They have a quality IV pump analyzer, small and outstanding.

-Biomedical Equipment Technician, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

The flow device is the best in class for its functionality.

-Clinical, Biomedical or Radiology Engineer, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

oxsim-menuIn my opinion this (OxSim OX-1) is quickly becoming my favorite tool in the shop….I can tell you that every piece I tested was right on the money. It is easy to use, it is affordable, it is compact and I couldn’t be more happy with it. We are looking to pick up another one in the near future. Thanks for a great product in both the SimCube and the OxSim.

– Brent Fox, Hendricks Regional Health, Danville, IN

Dear Pronk:

In my day job, I work on various types of equipment. There are many reasons I am called to check out a piece of equipment. There could be an actual fault in the machine, a conflict with the patient, or the device may be being used incorrectly. When a problem with a pulse-oximeter is reported to my department we use our PRONK OxSim to help us quickly and accurately determine the cause of the problem. This simulator delivers a desired reading to help us eliminate a machine or probe failure. If the machine is broken we are able to replace it with a spare while we repair the broken one. If we find the probe has gone bad we can have the department replace it promptly. If in the event the device is being used incorrectly, or there is a conflict with the patient, we are presented with the perfect opportunity to educate the staff on proper use with our PRONK OxSim. Our simulator offers us accurate readings and is very user friendly. It allows us to make a quick diagnosis and greatly helps us to perform our day to day job.

– Heather Fleming, Memorial Health System, Lufkin, TX


We absolutely love our SimCubes. We started with two units but quickly added a third. I would imagine that any clinical engineering department that tries these units would feel the same. The only problem we have with the ‘Cube is that someone else is always using them. Absolutely the best the BEST test equipment of its type. These were most definitely one of our best investments in test equipment!

– Jim Arney, Clinical Engineering, MultiCare Health Systems, Tacoma, WA

The SimCube is small, accurate, AND easy to use!

– Mike Freude, RedMed Medical Services, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The simplicity of using SimCube is excellent! Rapid access to a known dynamic blood pressure is great. SimCube dramatically cuts down on the equipment needed for my technicians in the field.

— Jerry King, Bio-Medical Equipment Services Company, Louisville, KY

I love it. It’s so compact you can take it anywhere, the ease of use is great, it’s reliable, and it’s real accurate.

— Russel Knott, Prince William Hospital, Manassas, VA

Been doing this for 21 years; SimCube is the coolest thing I have ever seen! It is awesome!

– Kevin Blumberg, Bio-Medical Solutions, Mount Pleasant, MI

love the ease of use. It’s nice and compact and is great to take to outreach clinics!

– David Sodahl, Saint Mary’s Medical Center, Duluth, MN

Dear Pronk,

With 39 years of Electronics and Biomed experience, I would rank the SimCube as among the top equipment I have used. For long-term testing, I can have the NIBP monitor hooked up to the SimCube running all day if I want, instead of leaving a cuff on my arm while trying to do my other work. It is great to use a steady, reliable piece of test equipment like this. It even helped me show Nursing a problem with our older NIBP monitors and some disposable cuffs. I would give up a lot of equipment before I would give up my SimCube!!!

– Samuel Gene Mitchell, D.S.M. BBA CBET, Bio Med Coordinator, Summit Medical Center, Van Buren, AR

Dear Pronk:

It [was] my wife’s favorite holiday, Halloween. And after a couple of days of grey skies and rainy weather, this Halloween was proving to be a picture perfect fall afternoon. I was in the driveway checking my trunk for the Pronk Simulator I had used a few days before, when the first trick-or-treaters paraded towards our door.

[The writer was unable to find the SimCube NIBP Simulator in the trunk of his vehicle and so attempted to track it down.]

After contacting the last fire station I used the Pronk Simulator with and asking if I might have forgotten it there, my phone rang.

A local police officer asked if he was speaking to the owner of Bio-Tron, Inc. and if I was missing a Pronk Simulator? Answering his question was the easy part. Now I had a few questions for him.

The officer explained that a call was received from a resident who noticed suspicious looking items thrown under some bushes as she walked her child through the neighborhood trick or treating. The officer removed the items and then took them back to the station where an investigation ensued. A call was placed to Pronk Technologies with the simulator serial number being traced back to Bio-Tron. I drove to the station, less than a mile from my home office to retrieve my missing test equipment.

Tricked by a mysterious thief who had obviously been working in our quiet little town, yet treated to the fact that the Pronk Simulator was in perfect working order after being subjected to the elements, it was a Halloween I will not soon forget!

— Bill Sears, Bio-Tron, Inc., Tinley Park, IL

SimSlim |Pronk TechnologiesWe use the SimSlim (SL-8 Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator) almost every day from ICU to Cardiology, ER, and NICU — really, all over the hospital! Its compact size is very easy to take everywhere!
– Bruce Painton, St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach, CA

I’ve used many simulators in my 12 years of being a BMET. The SimSlim (SL-8) is a great multi-parameter simulator. It’s amazing — so many functions in a small device, yet it is extremely accurate. Possibly best of all is the battery life! No more changing 9-volt batteries constantly.

– Casey Huffman, CBET, Site Manager, Verdugo Hills Hospital, Glendale, CA

logoPronk is known for doing the same or better job as the “big guys” for less the cost and smaller footprint on bench or cart.

-Biomedical Equipment Technician, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

Pronk is convenient, fast, cheaper than —–. I like Pronk. My department uses several vendors for test equipment, but Pronk is my favorite.

-Biomedical Equipment Technician, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

The best patient simulator on the market (and we have two of them already).

-Biomedical Equipment Technician, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

Love their products.

-Department Administrator/Director or Manager, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

Trust their product line.

-Biomedical Equipment Technician, 24×7 AdPlus Study (July 2014) by Paramount Research

SC5+OXKIT-with-Accessories-smWith the SimCube SC-5 Kit, I am able to get my routine PM performance testing done in half the time.

– Jeff Shaffer, Kaiser Field Service, Sacramento, CA

The SimCube Kit has been a big advantage in my shop. I’m the manager of about a 450-bed hospital, with 40 outlying clinics. We bought one of the kits last year, and I actually have arguments in the shop over who is going to get the Kit, between the guy taking care of service in the operating room and the guy taking care of the 40 clinics. So it’s been invaluable. It’s easy to use, and we like it so much, we are looking at buying another one this year.

– Charles W. Justis

I just wanted to say how much we like using the Pronk products. We’ve had them now for six months at this facility; I’d used them previously with another employer. We’ve found that they are highly portable — cuts down on the amount of test equipment that we have to move around. We can walk up to a device and test all the functions with just the Pronk [simulators], so it’s a big timesaver for us. It’s got a good price, they’ve been very, very rugged and durable, have survived many drop tests, and never had a problem with any one of them. Battery life is good, can’t say enough good things about this product. I would highly recommend it.

– Chris Hawkins, University of Kansas Medical Center

I manage about 3200 hospital beds and about 74 technical staff, and what I like about Pronk Technologies products is the size, portability, and affordability. When one of my staff is maintaining the equipment in one of their facilities, or even traveling to one of the 172 off-sites that they support, they can grab multiple items, throw them in one bag, and, boom, be out the door and at the customer site. For the staff that’s in-house, what I like about the product is that it’s small, portable, very quick to run up to a floor, very simple to use, to be timely in the response. They get the equipment going again and meet the customer’s needs.

– Mark Dwell, Hammond, IN