SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator

The full-featured SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator provides ECG, Resp, Arrhythmias, Pacer Simulation, IBP, and more for accurate biomedical testing. The SimCube simulates real-life oscillometric pulses by varying both the shape and size of the wave as cuff pressure changes. All SimCube NIBP simulators feature one-button operation in a compact, 3-inch cube. Get 150-250 NIBP simulations from a set of 4 "AA" alkaline or NIMH batteries using the optional Battery Boost. Learn about additional SimCube models. To view close-up & Pulse Replication, click on image.

           SC-5 SimCube NIBP Simulator


NIBP Simulations: Adult, Neonatal,  
  Hypertensive, Hypotensive  
Digital Manometer  
12-lead ECG: 10 different Heart  
  Rates, synchronized with NIBP  
Arrhythmia sequencePVC, Run, VTACH,  
  VFIB, Asystole  
Respiration: 3 rates, plus a sequence of 7 different rates  
IBP: 7 static, 3 dynamic pressures  
Pacer Simulation  
Peak Detect for checking overpressure limits  
  in 0.5 mmHg steps  
Leak Test Mode simulates cuff leak  
Automated Alarm Test Mode tests heart rate alarms  

Constructed of structural 1/8"(3.2mm)-wall extruded aluminum for superior strength and corrosion resistance. Tested for ruggedness — 50 drops from a height of 3.5 feet (1.1 m) to a hard surface without failure.

Single push-button mode selector
Ultra-Portable: 3 x 3 x 3.5 in. (7.6 x 7.6 x 8.9 cm.),
2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)
Large LED display: 4 digits
Encased in Vinyl Jacket: scratch resistant, quiet operation
Includes: one 6VDC adapter, Certificate of Calibration
Industry-best Four (4) Year Warranty


"Absolutely the best the BEST test equipment of its type. These were most definitely one of our best investments in test equipment!!"                                            — Jim Arney, Clinical Engineering, MultiCare Health Systems

Learn more about Biomeds' responses to the SimCube® NIBP Simulator.

Pronk Technologies manufactures the SimCube® NIBP Simulator, OxSim® Pulse Oximeter Tester, and SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator, which are included in the Pronk Complete Vital Signs Simulation Kit.


SimCube ECG and Resp Operation

Optimizing NIBP Simulation Results with the SimCube

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SimCube NIBP Simulator: NIBP, IBP, ECG/Resp Modes
Press the yellow button to toggle through different modes, indicated by LED.

NIBP Modes

 Adult 120/80
 bp: 120/80 mmHg, heart rate: 70 bpm, mean pressure: 97 mmHg, pulse vol.: 1 ml.
Neo 70/40
 bp: 70/40 mmHg, heart rate: 95 bpm, mean pressure: 51 mmHg, pulse vol.: 0.25 ml.
High 190/120
 bp: 190/120 mmHg, heart rate: 70 bpm, mean pressure: 142 mmHg, pulse vol.: 1 ml.
Low 80/40
 bp: 80/40 mmHg, heart rate: 70 bpm, mean pressure: 58 mmHg, pulse vol.: 1 ml.
Peak Detect
 Tests the overpressure feature on patient monitors.
 Static manometer displays pressures from -400 to +400 mmHg in 0.1 mmHg steps.
 Can be used for static calibration of NIBP monitors.
Leak Test
 Measures leak rate of a NIBP monitor, cuff, and hose.

IBP Modes

 The arrow under the IBP column indicates the pressure value of the dynamic IBP mode that  matches the NIBP value associated with the same mode.  
 Simulates atmospheric pressure and zeros the monitor.  
 • 100  
 Simulates a static 100 mmHg which can be used for calibration.  
 • 200  
 Simulates a static 200 mmHg which can be used for calibration.  
 • Step  
 Steps through static values 0, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 mmHg for 30 sec each.
 Repeats. Quickly and completely checks the IBP channel over its entire range.  

ECG / Respiration Modes

 70/20, 95/40, 70/20, 00/00  
 NSR ECG waveforms and respiration rates are produced at the rate indicated.  
 Cardiac failure sequence: 90 sec of normal beats interspersed w/ PVCs and Runs,  
 followed by 30 sec of VTACH, 30 sec of VFIB, 30 sec asystole. Repeats.  
 Respiration value stays at 0 bpm.  
 • Pacer  
 NSR ECG at 70 bpm with pacer signal. Respiration output rate is 0 bpm. Allows testing
 of a monitor's pacer detection and artifact stripping circuitry.
 HR Seq  
 ECG/Resp Heart Rate Sequence / Alarm Test Mode: paired ECG heart rate and
 respiration values toggle every 30 sec. ECG values: 30, 60, 90, 120, 45, 160, 220 bpm.
 Respiration values: 0, 30, 45,  60, 22, 30, 80, 110 bpm. This mode allows for quick
 and complete testing of a monitor's cardiotach.


Biomed Testimonials

"We absolutely love our SimCubes. We started with two units but
quickly added a third. I would image that any clinical engineering
department that tries these units would feel the same. The only problem
we have with the 'Cube is that someone else is always using them.
Absolutely the best the BEST test equipment of its type. These were
most definitely one of our best investments in test equipment!!"
—Jim Arney, Clinical Engineering, MultiCare Health Systems, Tacoma, WA

"The simplicity of using SimCube is excellent! Rapid access to a known
dynamic blood pressure is great. SimCube dramatically cuts down
on the equipment needed for my technicians in the field."

—Jerry King, Bio-Medical Equipment Services Company, Louisville, KY

"I love it. It's so compact you can take it anywhere, the ease of use is
great, it's reliable, and it's real accurate."

Russel Knott, Prince William Hospital, Manassas, VA

"Been doing this for 21 years; SimCube is the coolest thing I have
ever seen! It is awesome!"

Kevin Blumberg, Bio-Medical Solutions, Mount Pleasant, MI

"I love the ease of use.  It's nice and compact and is great to take
to outreach clinics!"

David Sodahl, Saint Mary's Medical Center, Duluth, MN

"The SimCube is small, accurate, AND easy to use!"
Mike Freude, RedMed Medical Services, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Dear Pronk:
        With 39 years of Electronics and Biomed experience, I would rank
the SimCube as among the top equipment I have used. For long-term testing,
I can have the NIBP monitor hooked up to the SimCube running all day if I want,
instead of leaving a cuff on my arm while trying to do my other work. It is great
to use a steady, reliable piece of test equipment like this. It even helped me
show Nursing a problem with our older NIBP monitors and some disposable cuffs.
I would give up a lot of equipment before I would give up my SimCube!!!
Samuel Gene Mitchell D.S.M. BBA CBET, Bio Med Coordinator,
Summit Medical Center, Van Buren, AR


Dear Pronk:
     It [was] my wife's favorite holiday, Halloween. And after a couple of days of grey skies and rainy weather, this Halloween was proving to be a picture perfect fall afternoon. I was in the driveway checking my trunk for the Pronk Simulator I had used a few days before, when the first trick-or-treaters paraded towards our door.

      [The writer was unable to find the SimCube NIBP Simulator in the trunk of his vehicle and so attempted to track it down.]

     After contacting the last fire station I used the Pronk Simulator with and asking if I might have forgotten it there, my phone rang.

      A local police officer asked if he was speaking to the owner of Bio-Tron,Inc. and if I was missing a Pronk Simulator? Answering his question was the easy part. Now I had a few questions for him.

     The officer explained that a call was received from a resident who noticed suspicious looking items thrown under some bushes as she walked her child through the neighborhood trick or treating. The officer removed the items and then took them back to the station where an investigation ensued. A call was placed to Pronk Technologies with the simulator serial number being traced back to Bio-Tron. I drove to the station, less than a mile from my home office to retrieve my missing test equipment.

   Tricked by a mysterious thief who had obviously been working in our quiet little town, yet treated to the fact that the Pronk Simulator was in perfect working order after being subjected to the elements, it was a Halloween I will not soon forget!

—Bill Sears, Bio-Tron, Inc., Tinley Park, IL


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