Who We Are:

Pronk Technologies was founded in 1998 and is located in Sun Valley, California. The founders include the former Director of Engineering, the former Director of Technical Services, and the former Director of Quality Assurance at a well-known vital signs monitor and patient simulator manufacturer. We have a combined 40 years of experience in designing, producing, and supporting vital signs monitors and patient simulators. Our expertise features NIBP algorithm design, including a patented algorithm that has been installed in tens of thousands of units, used in hospitals worldwide. Additionally, our expertise extends to design and development of wireless products.

Our History and Mission:

Company Showcase: Pronk Technologies Serves the HTM Industry
TechNation Magazine

Pronk Technologies started more than 11 years ago shortly after founder Karl Ruiter asked biomedical engineers at a California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) meeting how a test equipment manufacturer could make their jobs easier. He learned just how much of a need there was for portable, durable, easy-to-use products. With this idea in mind, he developed the SimCube® NIBP simulator…[READ MORE]

Pronk Technologies

A BMET’s and clinical engineer’s job requires a host of tools and devices. Often, these tools are one-size-fits-all devices, designed for many different markets and applications, rather than being designed just for biomedical/clinical engineers. However, Sun Valley, Calif-based Pronk Technologies, influenced by its founder’s time in the patient monitoring industry, tailors its product line of test equipment specifically for BMETs and clinical engineers. 24×7 recently spoke with Karl Ruiter, president of Pronk Technologies, about the company’s history in patient monitoring, supplying products for a targeted audience, and some of the challenges currently facing the clinical engineering community….[READ MORE]

Pronk Technologies Inc.

Five years ago, 24×7 interviewed Karl Ruiter, president of Pronk Technologies Inc, Sun Valley, Calif, a little-known startup marketing its first product — a portable NIBP analyzer. Interestingly enough, we asked the question: Where do you see your company in 5 years? By all accounts, the company has fulfilled all its expectations by making a name for itself in the manufacturing of quality test equipment that focuses on flexibility and ease of use….[READ MORE]

Our Goal:

Pronk Technologies’ goal is to provide innovative products to refine and streamline the biomedical maintenance and support process. Biomeds in the field need equipment that is portable, affordable, rugged, reliable, and easy to use. We design and manufacture specialized diagnostic tools that are tailored for this environment. Our innovative designs have been granted seventeen patents worldwide.

Customer Service:

Besides engineering innovation, our other core strength is professional, friendly and knowledgeable customer service. We believe your questions, concerns and ideas about biomedical tools and our products are our roadmap to better quality and a more successful product. We listen to and value each customer contact. Our goal in this arena is to keep our design team in touch with the biomeds that need and use our products, closing the loop for a productive mutual relationship.


Our products carry a 14-day money-back guarantee, a four-year warranty, and NIST-traceable calibration certification. Prompt, knowledgeable and friendly technical support is available by phone or email.