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Pronk Technologies has launched the first palm size Infusion Pump Analyzer. Infusion pumps can now be tested for Flow Rate and Volume performance in (3) minutes or less within a 1% accuracy using FlowTrax™'s patent pending flow tracking technology. It also has the ability to perform occlusion testing with its integrated pressure meter.

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Accurate, affordable, easy to use, and portable! A complete vital signs simulation system that is a fraction of the cost of alternative biomedical test equipment. Or choose the Kit with the combination of products that best fit your testing needs. Accessories are included, saving you hundreds!

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Pronk Technologies is pleased to offer calibration service for all SimCube® models, OX-1 OxSim®, and SL-8 SimSlim®. We also offer upgrade services for our customers who wish to add functionality to their SimCube.

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Pulse oximetry is a highly utilized vital sign for monitoring patients in hospitals and outpatient clinics.


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