FlowTrax | Pronk Technologies

Faster IV Pump Testing!

One-tenth the size, one-half the cost!

Pronk Technologies has launched the first palm size Infusion Pump Analyzer. Infusion pumps can now be tested for Flow Rate and Volume performance in (3) minutes or less within a 1% accuracy using FlowTrax's patent pending flow tracking technology. It also has the ability to perform occlusion testing with its integrated pressure meter.

FlowTrax is also the first multi-function Infusion Pump Analyzer.

A 4-in-1 test device eliminating the need to carry a separate infusion pump tester, Pressure Meter, Temperature Meter and Timer.

  • 1% accurate results for flow rate and volume in three minutes or less!
  • User Control of Back Pressure
  • Full Featured Pressure Meter
  • Temperature Meter
  • Integral Digital Timer
  • Battery Operated
  • 4-Year Limited Warranty



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Power: AC/DC adapter or battery. 12 hrs. min. on two AA Lithium batteries. 4 hrs. min. with two Alkaline batteries.
Pressure Units of Measure: mmHg, PSI (gauge), cmH2O, inH2O, kPa, atm, inHg, BAR (absolute), BAR (gauge)
Quick Start button to clear data from previous test and reset all counters to zero.
Digital Timer/Stopwatch: Range: 0 to 12 Hours Accuracy: 0.5%
Range: 0.5 - 999 ml/hr. Resolution: 0.1 ml
Range: 0.5 - 999 ml
Resolution: 0.001 ml
Pressure Meter
Range: -12.5 to + 75 PSI
Resolution: 0.01 PSI
Occlusion Knob: Provides user control of back pressure to both measure true occlusion alarm threshold and simulate patient back pressure during testing.
Trend Screen: Review Rate and Volume data in 1 minute intervals.
Zero real time pressure displayed.